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неділя 9.12.2012 11:32

who the hell is making all these changes for ALL these movies??? some random intern???

the results of cropping most of the Super35 movies looks like their picture was really cropped by a random person or not very intelligent intern

framing and cropping is one of the BIGGEST things a director is involved in

yes, but in fact, viewers see the film, the story with the "eyes" of a cameraman, so his role is very important, too. Directors just make sure the mise-en-scène is right, and the rest is cameramen's work.

I know of no director who just walks away and lets someone else do it for him.

Quentin Tarantino! when he made Reservoir Dogs, he trusted all decisions concerning visual aspects of picture to the cameraman, Andrzej Sekula. The cameraman made all decisions of how the film would look, and Quentin was concerned only about drama and good acting when he was shooting.

But when Quentin shot Death Proof, he himself directed the photography, he made the film in Super35 3-perf format, in 16:9 AR. Of course, the film was shown in theaters cropped to 2.35:1, but it was released on video almost exclusively with its full 16:9 picture, and looking at that picture you can clearly see that it was composed exactly for the whole 16:9 aperture (of course, you would see that if you have any idea about right composition).

Same story with the Underworld (2003 movie), it was also made in 3-perf Super35, and when you watch the full 16:9 picture, you see that it surely was composed for the whole aperture. Also if you watch its sequel, Underworld: Evolution, and compare the cropped 2.35:1 version (where the picture looks not just heavily cropped but indeed butchered) and the normal open matte 16:9 version, where the framing is beautiful and nothing fells off the frame, you'd begin to hate black bars and cropping.

Film might be considered similar to sculpture only in terms of editing, but certainly not picture cropping, because in that case, it might be similar to antique sculptures with their hands and heads cut off by ignorant medieval vandals.


Most directors agree to show their pictures cropped just to meet the theatrical standards, and then release the pictures in different formats on video and for TV showing, but some of them just don't care about that (you can see it in their interviews).

Just tell me what kind of proof of my words you want to see, and you'll have it.
But as I said before, the Rule of Thirds is not my invention, I just state the fact that it's widely used in cinematography, I can tell you about other rules of composition and give as many examples of their usage as you want.

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